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Edgeless Barricade Paddle (Blue)

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    all-barricade-paddles-together-new-v101.jpgTHE PICKLE PRO BARRICADE, EDGELESS COMPOSITE PADDLE

    The Barricade has a shape and size similar to the Classic, but has a completely different feel. Having the largest possible hitting surface, competitors can play without fear of a miss-hit caused by a thick edge guard. This edgeless paddle, with a sportier look is much lighter and quieter than the classic pickleball paddle. 

    The Barricade is capable of hitting the ball hard but it excels at the soft "touch shots" that can make the difference between winning and losing a game! Its light weight allows players to enjoy the sport for longer periods of time.




    Made from a strong and rigid aluminum composite with a high-density core that will not swell, corrode, rot, wick water, or delaminate even under prolonged use. This construction gives the best performance while eliminating the dead spot issue created by most paddle materials.

    Test results indicate that the Barricade is the quietest paddle ever made. It produces only 74.5 dB. This allows the Barricade to be used at courts with strict noise rules. The quietness also throws opponents off-guard. It is difficult for an opponent to tell how the ball was hit by the sound the paddle makes. This gives the player with the Barricade paddle a distinct advantage.

    To compensate for the lack of a heavy edge guard, the weight of the paddle is adjusted to provide just the right amount of power. It is very well balanced so that it excels at a wide variety of shots.


    The grip circumference is 4.25" and length is 4.75". This is a universal one-size-fits-all grip size.  The handle is tapered at the end to improve control and reduce slip. Modifications can be made to the grip size by the owner if needed.

    Our innovative paddle grip has a firm, comfortable and uniform feel to improve playability and comfort.  Our unique grip will not unravel like taped grips.  It does not absorb sweat or water that will destroy most grips.

    new-new-new-blue-barricade-v7.jpgEDGELESS DESIGN

    The edge of the paddle is covered with a low profile edge banding that does not overlap onto the face of the paddle (edgeless).


    - Association Testing: USAPA Tested and Approved for Tournament Play
    - Construction Material: Composite
    - Dimensions: 8" X 16"
    - Weight: 7.8 ounces
    - Decibels (Sound Level): 74.5 dB
    - Edge Guard Material: Edgeless (No edge guard)
    - Grip Tape: Pickle Grip Premium
    - Grip Circumference: 4.25"
    - Grip Length: 4.75"
    - Warranty: 90 Day for Manufacturing Defects
    - Country of Origin: USA

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    1. not sure if it's the right paddle for me

      Purchased this to try out a rim-less, quieter paddle. Still getting used to it. It's a bit light and I wasn't made aware of the 6 sided handle when I ordered it. Some people like the handle, I am still adjusting. It is less noisy than my old paddle. Still trying to get the same power on my serves that my old paddle delivered. on Apr 10, 2017

    2. Amazing paddle

      Very quiet and powerful! on Mar 06, 2017

    3. Geat Paddle

      Everyone wants to borrow it on Mar 01, 2016

    4. Great Paddle !!!

      I like my paddle. Winner !! on Oct 31, 2015



    6. Lightweight

      I have a Pro Classic but wanted a lighter one for fast play. I like both but the Barricade is easier when involved in a fast volley. on Mar 19, 2015

    7. the barricade is a great value.

      I first bought the pro-classic paddle and found it very responsive and effortless. I'm happy with the ground strokes and volleys.
      However, when I attempted a lob, the ball was mostly out. Not the paddle fault ! With more play time I would compensate and hit a softer shot. This paddle is slightly heavier than the Barricade, which I also purchased 2 moths later. This new but blemished paddle was a great buy. When I received it I could not tell it was blemished. Next day delivery was great as well since I live in Florida. This paddle requires more powerful strokes but has great balance. I switch to the Barricade when I play people that can't retrieve lobs. Great product !
      on Jan 23, 2015

    8. Light, easy to swing &packs a punch

      Have now used it 8 times so it has about 16 hours of use. Love it. Paddle is light & very quiet. Seems to punch more power than my old one. Several of the players I play with are now looking in to getting one. Great paddle and I only wish I had known about this great game a few years ago. on Dec 31, 2014

    9. Lightweight and smooth

      Easy on your wrist and hits smoothly throughout. on Jul 22, 2014

    10. Happy with my pickleball paddle

      Had one problem with one of the paddles I brought. The pins inside it became loose so each time I went to hit the ball I felt like it was moving out of my hand. I returned it and it was replaced. I have no problem getting the ball where it's suppose to go. Paddle is light and quiet. I like my paddle and glad I purchased it. Finally getting something that was made in the USA. on May 31, 2014

  • Warranty Information

    If the purchased Pickle Pro pickleball paddle breaks through normal use within 90 days of purchase, Pickle Pro LLC will furnish, at no charge, the same or equivalent replacement Pickle Pro pickleball paddle (no refunds will be given.) Please call Customer Service first for authorization. The broken pickleball paddle must be delivered to Pickle Pro LLC with proof of purchase, to the address below.

    Pickle Pro LLC
    3527 Plover Ave
    Naples, FL 34117