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Edgeless Barricade Paddle (Black)

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    The Barricade has a shape and size similar to the Classic, but has a completely different feel. Having the largest possible hitting surface, competitors can play without fear of a miss-hit caused by a thick edge guard. This edgeless paddle, with a sportier look is much lighter and quieter than the classic pickleball paddle. 

    The Barricade is capable of hitting the ball hard but it excels at the soft "touch shots" that can make the difference between winning and losing a game! Its light weight allows players to enjoy the sport for longer periods of time.




    Made from a strong and rigid aluminum composite with a high-density core that will not swell, corrode, rot, wick water, or delaminate even under prolonged use. This construction gives the best performance while eliminating the dead spot issue created by most paddle materials.

    Test results indicate that the Barricade is the quietest paddle ever made. It produces only 74.5 dB. This allows the Barricade to be used at courts with strict noise rules. The quietness also throws opponents off-guard. It is difficult for an opponent to tell how the ball was hit by the sound the paddle makes. This gives the player with the Barricade paddle a distinct advantage.

    To compensate for the lack of a heavy edge guard, the weight of the paddle is adjusted to provide just the right amount of power. It is very well balanced so that it excels at a wide variety of shots.


    The handle is wrapped with a tacky, thin black cushion grip tape. The grip circumference is 4.25" and length is 4.75". This is a universal one-size-fits-all grip size. Modifications can be made to the grip size by the owner if needed. Pickle Grip(R) is the first grip tape made specifically for pickleball.

    The handle is tapered at the end to improve control and reduce slip. Our premium grade end caps are printed with the Pickle Pro logo.

    barricade-edge-1.jpgEDGELESS DESIGN

    The edge of the paddle is covered with a low profile edge banding that does not overlap onto the face of the paddle (edgeless).


    - Association Testing: USAPA Tested and Approved for Tournament Play
    - Construction Material: Composite
    - Dimensions: 8" X 16"
    - Weight: 7.1 ounces
    - Decibels (Sound Level): 74.5 dB
    - Edge Guard Material: Edgeless (No edge guard)
    - Grip Tape: Pickle Grip Premium
    - Grip Circumference: 4.25"
    - Grip Length: 4.75"
    - Warranty: 90 Day for Manufacturing Defects
    - Country of Origin: USA

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    1. Nice paddle

      Excellent paddle. No complaints here. on 4th Feb 2016

    2. Like the racquet

      I've only used my racquet twice since receiving it and it has responded well. I was concerned with the thinness of the hitting area because everyone I play pickleball with have the thicker style racquets. I like the feel and weight of my racquet and the grip makes it easy to hold. I would recommend it to other players. So far so good. It also feels and sounds good when the ball is hit on the sweet spot. on 16th Jan 2016

    3. Very Nice Feel

      I'm pretty new to the game but was a pretty good tennis player, so racket feel is important to me. This paddle is very quick and hits are consistently smooth. I like the no-edge rib really well. on 6th Jun 2015

    4. good paddle

      I purchased this paddle because it didn't have a trim on it and it was the same size as the wooden paddle that i started with.
      alot lighter and have to adjust for the weight differencea.
      It stated in the information that if you hit a object with the paddle it will brake;,(ground,net other than the ball.) Hadn't read that in the info on the page on product info.
      so far it seem to be a good product.
      on 23rd May 2015

    5. Nice Paddle - Great Company

      Had a problem with the edge banding and Pickle Pro wasted no time in replacing it. A product is only as good as the company that stands behind it. That's why I'm a Pickle Pro customer for life! on 11th May 2015

    6. Great edgeless Paddle!

      I'm very happy with the PicklePro Barricade paddle! It's nice and light, but has plenty of hitting power. The edgeless feature is a plus, and is very well designed.
      I plan on using this paddle for a long time!
      I also should mention that Shipping was very fast. Great service PickelPro!
      on 4th May 2015

    7. Novice player

      I'm a new player to the Pickle Ball scene. My choice of a Pickle Pro paddle was primarily based on the ease of reviewing paddles on their web site. All the information I was seeking was readily available.
      I am pleased with the performance of the paddle I'm hoping to rise to the level if will produce
      on 21st Mar 2015

    8. Exelent service

      My paddle which I purchased in April, 2014 broke just above the handle.

      Sent a e-mail, concerning a design fault, 3 hrs later Picklepro ask where to send the new paddle.

      3days later a new paddle without charge.This what I call excelent customer service.

      I love the paddle

      on 12th Dec 2014

    9. excellent paddle

      I have played with it for a month(2-3 times a week) and I really like it and my friends have tried it and it is hard to get it back from them. on 30th Nov 2014

    10. Great dinking paddle

      I love the lightweight feel but, also feel that more weight in the center and head of the paddle face would provide sharper and faster returns.

      Responsiveness and punctuality of the order was exemplary!
      on 17th Jun 2014

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